Since the formation of the USNF in 1974, instructors have conducted seminars throughtout the US, including Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Denver, Lincoln, Chicago, New York, Washington, and Phoenix. In 1994 the USNF celebrated its 20th anniversary with a tournament and seminar. USNF dojo are located throughout the US including Southern California, Northern California, Colorado, Nebraska, Minneapolis, and Hawaii.

  • Year of 1966

    Naginata in the US

    Under the direction of Sensei Chiyoko Tokunaga, Yoko Yamao and Sachiko Wada at Shudo-kan Dojo in Osaka Castle, Japan, two (2) Japanese American women, Yasuko Yamaguchi and Helen Nakano received their initial instruction in Naginata. They bring Naginata to the United States and begin training under the guidance of renowned kendo instructor, Torao Mori sensei.
  • Year of 1968

    Naginata Demonstration

    Yasuko (Konishi) Kimura and Keiko (Konishi) Kawamori, the daughters of the late Chair woman of the All Japan Naginata Federation, Mrs. Shizuko Konishi, visit the US to demonstrate Naginata.
  • Year of 1973

    First Naginata Seminar

    First Naginata seminar in the United States conducted by 11 instructors from the All Japan Naginata Federation (AJNF), held in conjunction with the 2nd World Kendo Championships in Los Angeles and San Francisco. AJNF and USA participate in a Naginata demonstration at the Los Angeles Sports Arena and San Jose State University Men's Gym.
  • Year of 1974

    USNF Formed

    The United States Naginata Federation (USNF) is formed through the efforts of the instructors and members of the Southern California Naginata Federation, and with encouragement of the AJNF. Mrs. Teiko Mori becomes the first USNF president.
  • Year of 1975

    AJNF Sends Instructors

    AJNF sends three instructors (Kuniko Sunagawa, Miyako Tanaka, Ryuko Nagahashi) to teach in L.A. and San Jose.
  • AJNF 20th Anniversary

    AJNF 20th Anniversary Tournament in Kobe Japan. USNF instructors (Helen Nakano, Yasuko Yamaguchi, Violet Yamaguchi) compete in Shiai and Engi.
  • Year of 1980

    AJNF 25th Anniversary

    The AJNF 25th Anniversary Tournament in Kumamoto, Japan. USNF presidents, past and present, (Teiko Mori, Yasuko Yamaguchi, and Helen Nakano) attend by invitation.
  • Year of 1987

    USNF Seminar

    USNF Naginata Seminar in Gardena hosts AJNF instructors.
  • Year of 1989

    RMNF joins USNF

    Rocky Mountain Naginata Federation joins USNF.
  • Year of 1990

    INF Established

    The International Naginata Federation (INF) established with seven (7) Affiliates: Japan, USA, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Mrs. Dorothy Ishiyasu is elected INF Vice President and Mrs. Helen Nakano is elected INF Director of the Americas.
  • First INF Goodwill Tournament

    First INF Goodwill Tournament held in Tokyo Japan on 9 December. The US takes third place in the team match.
  • Year of 1991

    NCNF joins USNF

    Northern California Naginata Federation joins the USNF. Shortly thereafter, members from the Midwest and East Coast of the US also join the USNF.
  • Year of 1992

    3rd INF Goodwill Tournament

    3nd INF Goodwill tournament is held in Paris, France.
  • 1st Annual USNF tournament

    First Annual USNF Tournament is held in San Jose, California.
  • Year of 1993

    2nd Annual USNF tournament

    2nd Annual USNF Tournament is held in Denver, Colorado.
  • Year of 1994

    3rd Annual USNF tournament

    3rd Annual USNF 20th Anniversary Tournament held in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Year of 1995

    1st International tournament

    The First International Naginata Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Year of 1996

    4th Annual USNF tournament

    4th Annual USNF Tournament held in San Jose, CA.
  • 4th INF Goodwill Tournament

    4th INF Goodwill Tournament held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The US takes third place in the team match.
  • Year of 1998

    5th Annual USNF tournament

    5th Annual USNF Tournament held in Ogden, UT.
  • Year of 2000

    6th Annual USNF tournament

    5th Annual USNF Tournament held in Honolulu, HI.
  • Year of 2002

    7th Annual USNF tournament

    7th Annual USNF Tournament held in Bryn Mawr, PA.
  • Year of 2004

    8th Annual USNF tournament

    8th Annual USNF Tournament held in Bryn Mawr, PA.
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