Opportunities to train in Naginata exist in six regional federations affiliated with the USNF. To find a dojo near you, use the map below to find the general area of the US you live in. Then go to the web site of that region to contact a local instructor for instruction and verify class location and times.

ECNF Nobori

East Coast Naginata Federation

We are the ECNF, seven professional dojos located throughout the east coast of the United States reaching from Puerto Rico, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. We are dedicated to quality budo education, high ethical standards and firm attention to reiho in our instruction of the classical martial art of Naginata.

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GNY Nobori

Greater New York Naginata Federation

The Greater New York Naginata Federation (GNYNF) aims to allow members of the community to practice Naginata, a martial art designed to foster balance between mind and body. It is a lifelong pursuit of learning and personal development.

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NCNF Nobori

Northern California Naginata Federation

NCNF is a nonprofit organization in the Bay Area that practices the Japanese martial arts of naginata (polearm). NCNF was created with the purpose of development and administration of modern naginata in the northern part of California.

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PNNF Nobori

Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation

The Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation (PNNF) promotes the martial art of Naginata in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

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RMNF Nobori

Rocky Mountain Naginata Federation

RMNF is a group of Naginata practitioners. We want to share the history and mentality about this beautiful Japanese Martial Art.

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SCNF Nobori

Southern California Naginata Federation

The mission of the Southern California Naginata Federation is to provide our students with the knowledge and tools to practice quality Naginata while instilling self-confidence, self-discipline, respect towards others, stamina, grace, and good health.

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International Federations

The United States Naginata Federation is one part of the larger community practicing Naginata worldwide called the International Naginata Federation. Please see the name & links below to learn about additional affiliated federations: